Thursday, November 8, 2007

Your opinions, your blog, and cell phone jammers...?

One of the features of blogs is that they allow anyone to post an instant opinion. Coupled with the Internet's capability to provide access to millions of different kinds of information and ideas, there is never a shortage of instapinions (instant + opinion = instapinion). News organizations like The New York Times have also begun providing opportunities for its readers to leave their comments and opinions on the news that's reported on their site. Bloggers, too, rely on the latest news and trends to find topics on which to post their opinions.

Here's an example. Earlier this week, The New York Times ran an article on a growing trend in the use of electronic gadgets to block out cell phone signals. These gadgets, which are illegal in the United States, but still available for purchase overseas, allow the user to jam nearby cell phone conversations in public places. Like most of our new innovations, it has also raised a debate on the limits of privacy and the use of technology. It has spawned spirited opinions of all kinds.

One blogger used his space to bluntly express his distaste for the new gadgets. While another bloggers, offers a little more support for the use of the handheld jammers.

What is your opinion? Respond on your own blogs with your own opinions. Remember to link to any sources your cite or refer to. This includes the news article, the blog posts, or any other links you come across while reading about the topic.

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