Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Looking at some comparison essays

As we begin discussing different types of comparison essays, it is important that we look at professional models and exemplars. Part of that we've done in class.

Your first task now is to write your thoughts about the two comparison essays from The New York Times. Write a blog entry in which you evaluate the two different articles. Your entry should include the following:
  • Begin your blog with a paragraph that mentions something you've learned about writing (either in class or through your reading) and how it relates to what you are doing.
  • Several direct links to each article as hypertext for sourcing. For your reference, the article about the brothers is here and the car article is here.
  • A substantial summary of at least two important points made in the articles.
  • An examination of the organizational style of the essays.
  • How you plan to use this information to help you write your essay.

Your second task is to write another blog entry related to your assignment. In this entry, you must:

  1. Include a direct hyperlink to a source you used as part of your research. For your reference, there are resources linked at write to help you get started. I will also post more there periodically.
  2. Insight into your writing and thinking process related to this assignment.
  3. Discussion of choices you are making to help you prepare, organize and write this assignment.
  4. Be creative in some way ... post a picture, some interesting insight, a link to something interesting you found...

As always, run a spell check on your entry and use proper mechanics and convention. You must proofread all entries.

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