Monday, October 8, 2007

The Observing paper

Your next assignment involves writing a detailed, close observation about an incident you have experienced or observed. It does not have to be an event of earth-shattering significance, just something you remember vividly. The more specific you can remember it and bring those vivid details into focus, the more interesting your paper will be.

However, you must write your essay in third-person narration. Even though it is an incident you recall or observed, you must write it as if you were simply an observer. Use the pronouns he, she, or they without referring to yourself directly.

The observation must be focused and limited, so you can develop it fully. Think about an event and describe all aspects of it, like the author of a novel might. If your event is too broad or covers too long a period of time, you will have difficulty precisely developing your idea.

Some possible topic ideas to help you get started: your most embarrassing moment, the most horrifying, or the most terrifying.

Rough draft due: Tuesday, Oct. 16. Final draft due: Thursday, Oct. 18


Jillian said...

Stepping onto the lacrosse field was very scary to me my first time.The grass is very dewy as I step onto the field. The lacrosse game starts off with the draw and everyone standing and waiting for the bright yellow ball. The ball is very hard and hurts when you get hit with it.

Ally said...

Paint is flying everywhere. Teachers are yelling while the students are laughing. The four walls that surrounded us were looking like one giant art canvous. Students were covered from head to toe in many different colors of paint. All of a suddened the principal walks into the room. The noise and the paint throwing stops. It becomes dead silent. The principal starts yelling at me and hands me a detention slip and asks me and two other girls to come down to her office now. What seemed like inoccent fun turned into a complete disaster.