Thursday, October 25, 2007

The introduction of your essay

Writing a blog will earn you admission into your number one college. Your writing will grow stronger, more reflective, and interesting. That's what colleges are looking for these days.

I hope I caught your attention. The first few lines of any essay, whether it's a blog or on traditional 8 1/2 X 11 paper, needs to stand out. If you want to grab the attention of a college admissions officer, then you better write an essay with a memorable introduction.

To help you along, for your next blog assignment I am asking you to post your introduction to your blog. But wait, it's more than just cutting and pasting the first few sentences of your college application essay. In your posting, briefly explain what you were trying to do with your introduction and why you made the choices that you did. Finally, pose a question about your introduction - your writing, choice of topic, order of information etc... - that you'd like your classmates to post a comment about.

Once you do that, go out and read the introductions of your classmates. See what they have to say and leave a comment for them.

Remember, this is a writing assignment, so the following should always apply when writing and posting:
  • Proofread and run spellcheck

  • Write a catchy title related to your post

  • Take your time and let your thinking show in your writing

Good luck and enjoy.

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